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The Muffin Man HIMSELF

muffin man

Mike Rizzo


My name is Mike Rizzo, aka the Muffin Man. The nickname came from an inside joke quite a few years ago.

I've been doing all sorts of metalwork for the majority of my life. It started with modifying bicycles, then progressed to cars and trucks, blacksmithing  and bladesmithing, and it continues to grow.

I have a strong passion for these crafts and continue to test myself and find new ways to change styles, as well as make better products.

I'm also a huge supporter of recycling and repurposing. Unless otherwise requested, the majority of my basic model products are all made from scrap metal, car parts, or old tools.

Baked goods might be my brand, but the "tuff muff" standard is a guarantee that the products I make are durable, reliable, and long lasting.

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