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Natalie T. (MAR 2019)

"Mike had made me a beautiful chefs knife unlike anything I've had before.

The craftsmanship on this knife is quite amazing. The balance, weight, sharpness, and overall size of the knife makes a perfect addition to my cutlery.

His work is very precise and spends so much attention to detail for every piece that he makes.

I would HIGHLY recommend him for any custom forged pieces or any metal pieces in general that you may need."

Rebecca p. (JUN 2020)

Everything Mike makes is done with real attention to detail and love. The pieces are just so unique, we had to have one. I had given him some ideas I had and then he ran with them and put his creativity to work. Mike is honest, professional, and gets back to you really quickly. I thought his prices were very fair- especially to have a one of a kind piece like this. I would recommend Muffin Man Metalwork to absolutely everyone and will definitely be ordering more.

Mike is the man!

Tina H. (JUN 2022)

I needed a special gift for our wedding anniversary. My husband is VERY proud of his ethnic decent. I sent Mike a picture of a national flag. Mike took the crest from the flag and designed the most amazing… pendant, metal, I do not know what to call it, but it is perfect! When I gave the piece to my husband, he was very happy. He said not only did Mike capture the crest perfectly, but the piece also gave my husband a feeling of place and time. I do not know too many artists who can do something like that. Thank you, Mike. I cannot wait to order Christmas presents.

Robin A. (May 2019)

 "My son needed two knives repaired pretty quickly and you were able to accommodate this request. As a chef, his knives are his livelihood and there was significant wear and a few nicks in the blades and I was so glad that you were able to fix them with a very fast turnaround. 

You are quite a master craftsman and artist! Thank you so much for your hard work and time. The pride that you take in your work is evident.  I am looking forward to seeing the new knife that you are making for him.

Thank you again!!"

Walter R. (FEB 2020)

I had commissioned Mike to make an anniversary gift for my wife and I. He had made us a couples kitchen knife set and a nice custom case with our anniversary date on it. The quality and craftsmanship of these blades is astounding and so much care put into them. I also had him make two blades as decoration pieces for Christmas. Even though they where not Damascus steel, the quality and craftsmanship was amazing. I was happy with the quality and craftsmanship of all four blades. From one brother in arms to another Bravo Zulu on a job well done.

darryl w. (JUL 2022)

Ordered 2 RR spike knives Absolutely brilliant! Great communication Great workmanship And pricing reasonable Buy from The Muffin Man! THE MUFFIN MAN!!!!!!

Shaun C. (May 2019)

"What a sick wedding gift idea! Mike was very patient and worked hard to get everything done on a strict timeline.

Highly recommend his work!"

jonna k. (JUL 2019)

"Absolutely looove the metal minion fire pit that Mike has crafted. I'm always looking for something awesome, special, and unique. This fits all those categories and then some. "

"The pricing was extremely fair, as this is all man hours and each one is different. I had a certain time frame and he was easy to work with and would even send little updates along the way to let me know how it was going. 

   To see his work in person was even more amazing. Everyone I've shown thinks this is the coolest thing and want to get one as well.

    I would recommend Mike and all the things he makes to everyone. I can't wait to see what else he comes up with.


Thank you!"

regina t.

(SEP 2020)

Mike saved the day! I was in a situation where a different welder did a very poor job. Mike had no problem fixing the previous work. He truly is an honest guy who does awesome work! Whether it is functional or artistic he is a quality craftsman.

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